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Ambient Light Sensor
Ambient Light Sensor

TSL45315, Ambient Light Sensor 3 Lux to 220K Lux I²C Mini Module-old

$27.01 $26.01

  • I²C Ambient Light Sensor
  • Wide Dynamic Range — 3 lux to 220k lux
  • Rejects 50 Hz/60 Hz Lighting Ripple
  • Three User-Selectable Integration Times (400/200/100ms)
  • Approximates Human Eye Response in Diverse Lighting Conditions
  • Sensor, Level Shifter & Voltage Regulator all on a single board
  • Quick and Easy Daisy-chained Device
  • No Solder, Just Plug and Play
  • I²C Start Address is 0x29


Ambient Light Sensor Manufactured by AMS-TAOS USA Inc., the TSL45315 device provides Ambient light sensing (ALS), giving direct lux output that approximates human eye response under a variety of lighting conditions.

While useful for general purpose light sensing, the device is particularly useful for sensing light in applications where the device is exposed directly to the ambient light, such as street lighting where bright sunlight can produce very high lux readings.

Other applications include display management for the purpose of extending battery life and providing optimum viewing in diverse lighting conditions. The TSL45315 devices can also be used in solid-state and general lighting for automatic control and daylight harvesting to maximize energy conservation.

All I²C Mini Modules are designed to operate at 5VDC. This Mini Module includes on-board power regulation and PCA9306 I²C level-shifting circuitry to adapt to our 5V I²C standard. Using a convenient 4-Pin plug, devices can be daisy-chained onto the I²C Bus, eliminating the need for soldering. Plug together all the pieces you need for your next automation application.

Pull-up resistors are included with all dcubestore.com master devices. If you are wiring in your own I²C port, on-board 4.7K jumper-selectable pull-up resistors are available for convenience purposes.

FREE I2C cable included.


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