» » » » DLCT27C10 I²C Current Monitoring Controller 4-Channel 50-Amp

DLCT27C10 I²C Current Monitoring Controller 4-Channel 50-Amp

$67.54 $66.54

  • Current Monitoring for Particle Electron Cellular Cloud
  • 4-Channel Input with 0 to 50 Amp Input Range
  • Solid Core Current Sensors with 3% Max Error Rate
  • No Need of soldering. Plug and Play Devices
  • Quick and Easy Daisy-chained Devices
  • I2C Communications to Particle Electron
  • On-Board I²C Expansion Port
  • Expandable to 16 Devices per I²C Port
  • 0x2A I²C Start Address


DLCT27C10  Current monitoring  of your AC power loads is now possible from anywhere in the world using the Particle Electron* cellular cloud communications module.

Monitor current in the most remote locations and keep track of your power consumption from a smartphone or web browser using our FREE Mobicle application.

This  DLCT27C10 controller has four 50-Amp current monitoring channels, precision tuned to monitor the current flow through the on-board current sensor with a 3% maximum error rate (Tested up to 50 Amps).

To use this device, simply run an AC power wire, up to 10mm in size, through the center of the sensors. The on-board custom designed CPU will do the rest using I²C communications to the Particle Electron. This controller includes an I²C expansion port, allowing expansion for more current monitoring inputs or other types of I²C sensors and devices.

Four on-board address jumpers allow expansion of up to 16 current monitoring devices through the I²C expansion port. Mix and match current monitoring controllers of any size to meet your specific application requirements.


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