» » » » I²C MCP23008 8-Channel Digital Input/Output

I²C MCP23008 8-Channel Digital Input/Output


  • I2C Programmable GPIO
  • 8-bit Bidirectional I/O Port
  • No Need of soldering. Plug and Play Device
  • Quick and Easy Daisy-chained Device
  • High-speed I²C interface
  • Low standby current

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The MCP23008  I²C DIO8 device provides an 8-bit general purpose, parallel I/O expansion for the I²C bus.

This device contains 3 address pins and multiple configuration registers for input, output, and polarity selections.

The system master has the ability to enable the GPIO port as either inputs or outputs by programming the configuration bits.

Up to 8 MCP23008 chips may be chained to each I²C port using 3 on-board address jumpers.

Do not exceed 5VDC on any input. May be powered by the I²C bus or powered externally (jumper-selectable).


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