» » » » I²C White OLED 128×64 Graphic Display .900″ I²C Mini Module

I²C White OLED 128×64 Graphic Display .900″ I²C Mini Module


  • .900″ White OLED Display
  • 128×64 Graphic Display
  • I2C Mini Module Footprint
  • Sensor, Level Shifter and Voltage Regulator all embedded on the module
  • No Need of soldering. Plug and Play Device
  • Quick and Easy Daisy-chained Device

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Product Description


White OLED_I2CL makes it easy to display data from your embedded controller with 128×64 resolution and a .900″ diagonal screen.

This OLED can be connected to a number of other devices:

  • to a Particle module to display connectivity status, IP address, signal strength, or your own logo
  • to an Arduino to display sensor values, distances, battery level, or error codes
  • to a Raspberry Pi to display images, text, animations, logos, symbols, and more.

OLED displays are an excellent method of displaying variable data and troubleshooting embedded code.

At a very low cost, our OLED display makes it easy to learn, create, and have fun.


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