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Arduino Micro Shield
Arduino Micro Shield
Arduino Micro Shield
Arduino Micro Shield

I2C Shield for Arduino Micro with I²C Expansion Port


  • Provides a +5V I²C Port with 4.7K Pull-Ups
  • Non-invasive Outward Pointing Connector
  • No Need of soldering. Plug and Play Device
  • Quick and Easy Daisy-chained Device
  • Compatible with Overlay Expansions for Arduino Micro
  • Interface External Sensors and Controllers
  • Adds Limitless I²C Device Expansion Options


Use the Arduino Micro Shield to take control of our complete line of devices with the AMI2C expansion.

The AMI2C provides a 5 Volt I²C expansion port, allowing your Arduino Micro to connect to an ever-growing array of expansion devices from dcubestore.com .

Connects sensors for light level monitoring, gas level detection, temperature and humidity monitoring, as well as many types of motion, acceleration, and direction sensors. Connect our entire array of relay controllers, digital I/O expanders, PWM controllers, and current monitoring devices to the Arduino Micro with a simple daisy-chain interface.

The AMI2C provides a true +5V I²C communication port to the Arduino Micro, making it one of the most important expansions available. The AMI2C allows you to expand your Arduino Micro into the world of hardware so you can focus on software.

The AMI2C is compatible with our MKFR Key Fob overlay expansion, allowing Key Fob communications with the Arduino Micro.


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