» » » » MCP23008 8-Channel 8W Open Collector FET Driver with Cross-Platform I²C Interface

MCP23008 8-Channel 8W Open Collector FET Driver with Cross-Platform I²C Interface


  • Power Fet Controller with I²C Interface
  • 8-Channel Open Collector BUK98150-55A 55V 5.5A 8W Power Fets
  • Solid-State On/Off Control of Incandescent or High-Power LED Lighting
  • Designed for Resistive Solid State DC Switching Applications
  • I2C Expansion Port for Adding External Sensors or Controllers
  • MCP23008 8-Channel I²C Interface
  • No Need of soldering. Plug and Play Device
  • Quick and Easy Daisy-chained Device

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Product Description

This  MCP23008 8-Channel power FET driver allows high-current loads to be controlled using I²C communications, making it compatible with all computing platforms, including Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Particle Photon, BeagleBone, and much more.

This MCP23008  device uses eight BUK98150-55A power FETs, allowing control of 8 channels of High-Power LED or incandescent lighting using the I²C data bus.

The BUK98150-55A is capable of switching up to 55VDC and 5.5 Amps of current (8 Watts of Heat Dissipation), making it an ideal choice for most low-voltage DC lighting applications.

The MCP23008 GPIO chip is used as a driver for this controller, making communications easy and expandable to up to 8 devices on a single I²C port.

Take control of your DC lighting applications from any computing platform. Plug this device into a Particle Photon or Particle Electron for worldwide access using Mobicle.io and the Particle Cloud infrastructure. Plug this device into an Arduino for easy programming and quick development. Plug into a Linux using Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone for cost-sensitive applications that require some computing power. We are always developing GitHub libraries for Java, Python, and Arduino to help get you started. Our development library makes it easy to control this device with minimal coding.


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