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MCP3425 16-Bit 1-Channel Analog to Digital Converter I²C Mini Module



The MCP3425 is a 1-Channel Analog to Digital Converter with 16-Bit resolution, ideally suited for low-speed high-resolution sensor monitoring.

The MCP3425 is capable of reading analog voltages at 15 samples per second with 16-Bit resolution or 240 samples per second at 12-bit resolution. The MCP3425 has an x1, x2, x4, x8 programmable gain amplifier, making it an ideal choice for monitoring extremely low-voltage sensors. The MCP3425 has a single differential input, capable of monitoring a full scale range of 4.096VDC or ±2.048v differentially.

Since there are no address lines on this device, only one MCP3425 is supported per I²C port .

All I²C Mini Modules are designed to operate at 5VDC. Using a convenient 4-Pin plug, devices can be daisy-chained onto the I²C Bus, eliminating the need for soldering. Simply plug together the devices you need for your next automation application.

Pull-up resistors are included with all ControlEverything.com master devices. If you are wiring in your own I²C port, on-board 4.7K jumper-selectable pull-up resistors are available for convenience purposes.

This is a general purpose I²C device compatible with all computing platforms, including Raspberry Pi, Beaglbone, Arduino, Particle, BridgeX5, and many more. All dcubestore.com devices support a strict +5V I²C Bus standard.


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