» » » » » MPL115A2 Digital Barometer 50 to 115 kPa I²C Mini Module

MPL115A2 Digital Barometer 50 to 115 kPa I²C Mini Module


  • I2C Altimeter with 24-Bit ADC
  • Sensor, Level Shifter and Voltage Regulator all embedded on the module
  • No Need of soldering. Plug and Play Device
  • Quick and Easy Daisy-chained Device
  • Operating Pressure Range 50 kPa~115 kPa
  • Fully Compensated Internally
  • Programmable Events
  • Logs Data up to 12 Days
  • 0x60 I²C Start Address

Product Description

MPL115A2 Digital Barometer employs a MEMS pressure sensor with an I²C interface to provide accurate Pressure/Altitude and Temperature data.

The sensor outputs are digitized by a high-resolution 24-bit ADC. It is capable of detecting a change in only 0.05 kPa which equates to a 0.3m change in altitude.

Common applications for the MPL115A2 include:

  • personal electronics altimetry,
  • weather station equipment,
  • navigation and map assist,
  • HVAC, etc.

All I²C Mini Modules are designed to operate at 5VDC. Using a convenient 4-Pin plug, devices can be daisy-chained onto the I²C Bus, eliminating the need for soldering. Simply plug together the devices you need for your next automation application.

Pull-up resistors are included with all dcubestore.com master devices. If you are wiring in your own I²C port, on-board 4.7K jumper-selectable pull-up resistors are available for convenience purposes.


FREE I2C cable included.





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