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MXC6226XU Digital Thermal Orientation Accelerometer


Product Description

MXC6226XU MEMSIC 6226XU Digital Thermal Orientation Sensor (DTOS) is (was ;)) the world’s first fully-integrated orientation sensor.

Its operation is based on a patented MEMS-thermal technology and is built using a standard 0.18um CMOS process.

Shock survival is greater than 50,000g. DTOS detects four orientations, shake and shake direction. An I²C interface is used to communicate with this device and an interrupt pin (INT) is provided for shake and orientation.

The DTOS also has a power down enabled through the I²C interface.

MXC6226XU eliminates field-reliability and repeatability issues associated with competitive products.

MXC6226XU is specified for use in:

  • LCD TVs,
  • toys,
  • MP3/4 players,
  • fan heaters,
  • halogen lamps, and
  • irons.

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