Sending IoT Long Range Temperature and Humidity Sensor data to Google-sheet

IoT Long Range Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor Introducing Dcube Store’s long-range wireless temperature humidity sensor, boasting up to a 28 Mile range using a wireless mesh networking architecture. Incorporating the Honeywell HIH9130 temperature humidity sensor transmits highly accurate temperature and humidity samples at user-defined intervals. The on-board temperature sensor is rated for -25°C to…

Home Automation With Raspberry Pi

Home Automation With Raspberry Pi Using Relay Board

A major count of people want great comfort but at reasonable prices. We feel lazy to light up the houses every evening when the sun goes down and next morning, turning the lights off again Or to turn the Air conditioner/Fan/Heaters on/off as were the weather or room temperature.An inexpensive solution to avoid this extra…


Weather Data Collection Using Google Sheets and Google Script

In this Blogtut, we are going to send the readings of the SHT25 sensor to google sheets using Adafruit huzzah ESP8266 which helps to send the data to the internet. Sending data to google sheet cell is much useful and basic way which saves the data in tabular form online. Instead of using any kind…

Wireless Environment Monitoring Sensors with DSense

Introducing the unique Wireless Environment Monitoring Sensors which has the ability to track down the Industrial Environment Conditions.   Features The Wireless Environment Monitoring Sensors are specially designed for industrial standards to use for long-range wireless communication(maximum 28 miles) with 2AA as well as with 4 AA batteries (included). The Wireless Temperature Sensor has the…

I2C Communication Protocol – Basics with DcubeStore

Learn I2C Communication and start the basics with DcubeStore In earlier years people were focusing on the controller’s GPIO pins, as well as best connection modes like RS232, RS485 which were seen in old Personal and Corporate Computers. After many advancements, different kinds of digital hardware were introduced which consist of different “connection buses”. These…

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