Wireless Environment Monitoring Sensors with DSense

Introducing the unique Wireless Environment Monitoring Sensors which has the ability to track down the Industrial Environment Conditions.
Environmental Sensors



The Wireless Environment Monitoring Sensors are specially designed for industrial standards to use for long-range wireless communication(maximum 28 miles) with 2AA as well as with 4 AA batteries (included). The Wireless Temperature Sensor has the capability to send 300,000 transmissions and depending on environmental condition and transmission interval the sensor can monitor the data for around 3 years using energy efficient techniques. Not only that the sensor has the external power connection to work with AC to DC power adapters also. It uses the IP65 Rated enclosure which protects the hardware from Dust and water.

Wireless Communication Network

The Wireless Network of these Environment Sensors can create the PAN(Personal Area Network) network within the Industrial firms with a clear line of sight and easily transmits the sensor data to user’s hardware device which can monitor the sensor data by connecting the gateway receivers. The Wireless Enterprise Line develops these products while taking care of the Wireless Sensor Network Applications. The company has already designed some sample software supporting Labview and Visual Studio platforms which play significant roles in Predictive maintenance monitoring.

The Wireless sensors can also be accessed by the various IOT platforms like Microsoft Azure, Node-Red, Google open source platforms, Firebase, and many others. All the online platforms can be easily accessible through devices like Raspberry Pi, Particle, ESP8266, ESP32, OS like Windows, Linux, MAC etc.

DSENSE Software Application

Taking Care of all the IoT and predictive maintenance specialties Dcube technologies has introduced the software which can easily perform one of the specialized IoT tasks and can monitor the wireless temperature sensor data with the capability of sending the sensor values to Google spreadsheets. To use the Wireless Sensor with Open source product, just sign in to this software and you will be able to directly connect to Google spreadsheet. The Standalone software has the capability to run with the different operating system. But Before using this software, the user should install the JDK Software from here.

After Installation of the JDK software download the Sample Software for the testing purpose
  • Select the Baudrate
  •  Select the COM port you from where we have connected the wireless modem.
  • Click On Connect

After the connection, you will be able to Monitor the wireless sensor data on the screen

To Send the Wireless Temperature Sensor Data to Google Spreadsheet
  • Open Google SpreadSheet
  • Enter the Google Email ID and Password you want to use.
  • Select Blank Spreadsheet

  • Give Name to The Google Sheet Spreadsheet
  • Fill The first Column of Sheet for the proper Description

  • Copy the API key form the link

  • Paste the API link in the Textbox of the software
  • Click Connect to the “G+ Sheets”

  • Enter the same Email Id credentials, used earlier to open the google spreadsheet
  • Allow the Software Access

  • Close the Browser and refresh the Google Sheet
Finally, the data will be sent to google spreadsheet automatically


Environmental Sensors

Note: The Software will send the data after certain Interval of time which has been given in while development of this application

For the trial process and the customization of the software and hardware

Please contact Dcube Technologies And !!!!!!

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