8-Channel On-Board 95% Accuracy 20-Amp AC Current Monitor with I2C Interface — 8-Channel On-Board 95% Accuracy 20-Amp AC Current Monitor with I2C Interface LIS3DHTR 3-Axis Accelerometer Digital Output Motion Sensor I2C Mini Module LIS3DHTR 3-Axis Accelerometer Digital Output Motion Sensor I2C Mini Module —

8-Channel General Purpose SPDT Relay Controller with I2C Interface

$ 110.95


  • 8-Channel Relay Controller with I2C Interface
  • Ideal for use with PC using Windows 8/10 via USB
  • Compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Onion, PyCom
  • MCP23008 I2C Controlled Mechanical SPDT Relays
  • General Purpose Switching with 5 or 10-Amp Relays
  • I2C Output Port for Adding Sensors, Controllers, or More Relays
  • Wireless Remote Operation with Key Fob Expansion Option
  • Example Libraries Available on GitHub

This I2C 8-channel general-purpose SPDT relay controller offers a cross-platform solution with unmatched compatibility and expansion capabilities.  Compatible with every IoT technology that supports I2C communications, this is the most versatile relay controller we have ever manufactured.  All Dcube Store I2C relay controllers have an I2C output, allowing you to chain together more relay controllers, a vast array of sensors, current monitors, PWM drivers, and much more.  The expansion abilities of this relay board are unmatched by any other manufacturer in the world.  On-board SPDT relays are ideally suited for control of low to medium power loads up to an absolute maximum of 10 Amps at 240VAC depending on relay chosen during purchase. Dcube Store SPDT relay controllers have three connection terminals for user-access to each relay.  This design is suitable for some mildly inductive loads when used with external induction suppression capacitors, but focuses primarily on resistive load switching.  This controller includes 5 or 10-Amp SPDT relays, customized when added to your shopping cart.

This controller is based on the MCP23008, a common I2C interface chip for GPIO applications.  In this design, the GPIO port is used to control the on-board SPDT relays.  Three on-board address jumpers allow up to 8 similar devices (based on the MCP23008 or MCP23017) to be chained to the same I2C bus for individual control.  On-board status LEDs display the on/off status of each relay.  This controller may be powered using our optional power supply or with 12VDC and direct screw terminal connection of bare power wires.  Each relay is accessible to the user via screw terminals, capable of accepting 12 AWG wire.



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