ESP8266 Communication Module with Integrated USB — ESP8266 Communication Module with Integrated USB Adafruit Huzzah IoT Interface Adapter Adafruit Huzzah IoT Interface Adapter —

Adafruit Huzzah I2C Shield with Integrated USB and I2C Port

$ 11.95


  • Interface the Adafruit ESP8266 to the DCUBE I2C Product Line
  • Integrated I2C Expansion Port
  • USB Connector for Power and ESP8266 Programming
  • Uses I2C Pins 2 (SDA) and 14 (SCL)
  • Integrated FT232RL USB to Virtual COM Port

This ESP8266 host adapter was designed specifically for the Adafruit Huzzah version of the ESP8266, allowing I2C interface to our entire DCUBE Store product line.

Integrated USB port supplies power and programming to the ESP8266.

The ESP8266 is an incredible platform for IoT application development. The ESP8266 provides a mature platform for monitoring and control applications using the Arduino Wire Language and the Arduino IDE.

The Adafruit ESP8266 is available from www.adafruit.com.

RevA I2C connections are 2,14( Use Wire.begin(2,14); //to configure I2C)

What is the I2C Interface?

DCUBE  Store is the creator of plug and play modular hardware using the DCUBE Store I2C Interface connector standard.  DCUBE  Store I2C devices allow you to chain together several devices on the I2C bus, and communicate to each device individually at high speed (subject to the limitations of I2C).  The DCUBE  Store I2C Interface uses a standard 4-Pin I2C Input and I2C Output connector.  DCUBE Store I2C devices communicate 5V I2C data and provides 5V DC power through this connector.  DCUBE  Store I2C devices use standard I2C communications for all data transport, which is supported by nearly every microcontroller in production today.  The DCUBE Store I2C Interface is strictly a 5V standard, which is ideal for transport across longer cables.  DCUBE Store I2C devices always include a 6″ (152mm) 4-conductor I2C cable.  DCUBE  Store I2C Mini Modules always include a 3″ (76mm) 4-conductor I2C cable.  Cables and connectors are available separately for designers who would like to include their own DCUBE  Store I2C Interface into their designs.


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