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Analog Devices AD5259 Digital Potentiometer 1-Channel 256-Position I2C Mini Module

$ 24.95


  • On-Board Digital Potentiometer
  • Choose Between 5K, 10K, 50K, or 100K Versions
  • +5V 5ma Handling per Potentiometer
  • 400 kHz Communication Speed
  • I2C Mini Module Form Factor
  • 0x18 I2C Start Address
  • Modular AD5259 breakout board

The AD5259 Analog device is the perfect solution for most digital potentiometer applications. Learn how to use AD5259 with our I2C mini-module and control two potentiometers controlled by a 256-port I2C. Choose one of the 5K, 10K, 50K or 100K versions when ordering. The AD5259 supports reading the windshield wiper so you can easily read the current windshield wiper settings.

Digital potentiometers are the ideal solution to replace many types of mechanical potentiometers. However, we recommend that you read the datasheet carefully to ensure your application complies with AD5259.

The AD5254 can also be used in:

  • programmable gain/offset control applications,
  • programmable power supplies,
  • programmable filters,
  • low-resolution digital-to-analog conversion,
  • LED brightness adjustment, and
  • sensor calibration applications.

The AD5259 is very limited to a current of 5 mA through a potentiometer. The voltage on the AD5259 potentiometer NEVER exceeds +5 VDC at 5 mA.


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