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Communications Overlay Shield Adapter for Arduino Nano

$ 12.95


  • Use Communication Modules with Arduino Nano
  • Greatly Expands Communication Options
  • Low-Profile Design
  • Compatible with Digi.com XBeeⓇ Series Modules

The ANXB is perhaps one of our most powerful communication adapters.

Connect a complete line of Digi.com XBeeⓇ communication modules to any of our Arduino Nano devices, greatly expanding communication options. Expand your Arduino Nano controller to include industrial wireless options from Digi.com, such as ZigBee, 802.15.4, or our favorite Industrial wireless: S3B.

The ANXB is also compatible with select communication modules, such as USB, RS-232, Bluetooth, WiFi, and Ethernet. The ANXB overlay shield brings the power of modular communications to your Arduino Nano device, as there are now many other manufacturers supporting this standardized communication profile.

NOTE: The ANXB adapter provides a power solution as well as TX and RX data connections to the Arduino Nano. No other communication module pins are mapped to the Arduino Nano.

XBee® is a registered trademark of Digi International.  www.digi.com


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