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Dual I2C Shield for Arduino Due with Modular Communications Interface

$ 14.95


  • Dual +5V I2C Expansion for Arduino Due
  • Modular Communications Interface Compatible with XBee®
  • Integrated 4.7K I2C Pull-Up Resistors
  • Plug-In Compatibility of Dcube I2C Devices
  • Non-Invasive Pass-Through Design
  • Maybe Sandwiched between Other Shields

The ADUE is a +5V Dual I2C Expansion Shield for the Arduino Due.

This shield acts as a gateway to the entire Dcube I2C product line, allowing limitless expansion possibilities. This shield could be the single most significant shield for your Arduino ever made simply because of its extremely low cost and broad expansion possibilities.  The on-board modular communications interface is compatible with XBee® wireless modules as well as our complete line of RS-232, RS-485, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet, and WiFi communication modules.

Integrated 4.7K pull-up resistors make it an ideal I2C master device. The pass-through design allows you to non-invasively sandwich this shield between other Arduino Due shields without sacrificing compatibility or expandability. This I2C expansion port is compatible with our entire range of I2C devices, including relay controller, sensors, and various mini-modules, making the expansion of the Arduino quick and easy, regardless of your application requirements.



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