1-Channel 4-20mA Current Loop Transmitter I2C Mini Module — 1-Channel 4-20mA Current Loop Transmitter I2C Mini Module MCP3428 8-Channel 4-20mA 16-Bit Current Receiver with IoT Interface MCP3428 8-Channel 4-20mA 16-Bit Current Receiver with IoT Interface —

IoT Long Range Wireless 4-20mA Current Receiver

$ 169.95


  • Industrial Grade 1 Channel 4-20mA Current Receiver
  • 10 bit Resolution
  • Measurement Input Range 0-20mA With ±2 LSB Absolute Accuracy
  • Auto ADC sample transmission on analog voltage change detection every 7 seconds (factory configurable duration)
  • 10% Analog voltage change detection (factory configurable percentage)
  • 2 Mile Range with On-Board Antenna
  • Superior LOS Range of up to 28 miles with High-Gain Antennas
  • Interface to Raspberry Pi, Microsoft Azure, Arduino and More
  • Example Software for Visual Studio and LabVIEW
  • 256 Sensor Node per Network
  • Open Communication Protocol for custom interfacing applications
  • Small Form Factor Wireless Sensor (3×3 inch)
  • Power efficient Built-in Sleep mode
    • User Configurable Sleep duration
    • Up to 500,000 Transmissions from 2 AA Batteries
  • Improved reliability incorporating Re try feature in case of packet loss
  • Real time battery status

Long Range IoT Wireless 4-20mA Current Receiver

Introducing Dcube’s Long Range One Channel IoT Wireless 4-20mA Current Receiver, boasting up to a 28 Mile range using a wireless mesh networking architecture.  It incorporates a 1 channel 10 bit ADC that samples 4-20mA analog inputs at user defined intervals while sleeping during the time it is not sending data to minimize power consumption. This IoT Wireless 4-20mA Current Receiver has an additional feature of detecting change in voltage every 7 seconds (factory configurable) and sending out ADC samples if the change in voltage on any channel is greater than 10% (factory configurable). To minimize power consumption, it sleeps during the time it is not checking for change in analog voltage. Both of these features work in parallel to support multiple application areas in one package.

Powered by just 2 AA batteries and an operational lifetime of 500,000 wireless transmissions, a 10 years battery life can be expected depending on environmental conditions and the data transmission interval.  Optionally, this sensor may be externally powered.

With an open communication protocol this sensor can be integrated with just about any control system or gateway.  Data can be transmitted to a PC, a Raspberry Pi, to Microsoft Azure® IoT, or Arduino. Sensor parameters and wireless transmission settings can be changed on the go using the open communication protocol providing maximum configurability depending on the intended application.

The long range, price, accuracy, battery life and security features of Long Range IoT Wireless Analog to Digital Converter makes it an affordable choice which exceeds the requirements for most of the industrial as well as consumer market applications.

NOTE: This 4-20mA Current Receiver Does Not Provide Current Loop Power Supply.

Receiving Data From Long Range IoT Wireless 4-20mA Current Receiver

This IoT Wireless 4-20mA Current Receiver device sends data periodically, based on user-preset timing intervals and on Certain % change on the inputs.  Data transmissions include battery level, signal strength, payload, firmware version, sensor type, and device serial number.  Please see the Resources section to see detailed information on the data structure of this device.  This wireless transmitter needs a receiver.  There are many options available for receiving data from Dcube transmitters.  We highly recommend using our USB Modem (available during purchase) so you can monitor this device and use our LabVIEW software for changing device settings.  Using our long-range USB wireless modem, users can expect easy operation over a virtual COM port at 115.2K baud.  Optionally, we offer a Wireless receiver that operates over ethernet.  Data from Dcube sensors will appear over TCP/IP on port 2101.  Simply open a TCP/IP socket, port 2101, to the IP address of the Ethernet modem and see your data stream in to your local area network.  We take software samples seriously!  Be sure to to check out the resources section of our web site to see code samples for Raspberry Pi, Visual Studio, LabVIEW, Arduino, Python, and more.

Now Supporting Microsoft Azure® IoT

We’ve been working with Microsoft engineers to post data from our sensors to Azure®.  If you need help integrating this sensor into Azure®, please let us know and we will work with you to get you connected!


  • Current Ouput Analog Sensor Interface
  • Wireless Flow Meter Monitoring
  • Long Range Wireless 4-20mA Current Monitoring
  • Analog Transducer Interface
  • Read Sensors Like Force, Strain Gauge, Pressure, Flow Meter
  • 4-20mA Analog Input To Cloud Like AWS/Azure


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