AMS5812-0050-D-B Amplified Pressure Sensor -344.7 to +344.7 mbar -5 to +5 PSI I2C Mini Module — AMS5812-0050-D-B Amplified Pressure Sensor -344.7 to +344.7 mbar -5 to +5 PSI I2C Mini Module IoT Long Range Wireless Vibration And Temperature Sensor IoT Long Range Wireless Vibration And Temperature Sensor —

IoT Long Range Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor

$ 158.95


  • Industrial Long Range Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor
  • Industrial Grade with a Sensor Resolution of ±4%RH ±0.5°C
  • Up to 500,000 Transmissions from 2 AA Batteries
  • -40°C to 85°C with Batteries that Survive these Ratings
  • Superior 2-Mile LOS Range & 28 miles with High-Gain Antennas
  • Interface to Raspberry Pi, Microsoft Azure, Arduino and More
  • Example Software for Visual Studio and LabVIEW®
  • Supports Wireless Mesh Networking
  • Connect With Any Your Favorite IoT Platform
  • NO Monthly Fee or Locked Proprietary Protocols
  • Small Form Factor Wireless Sensor (3×3 inch)

IoT Long Range Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor

We set out to build the world’s best IoT Long Range Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor.  We carefully examined the shortcomings of all other sensors on the market to offer the best sensor solution with the longest range, the longest battery life, at the best price.  Introducing Dcube Store’s first long-range wireless temperature humidity sensor, boasting up to a 2 Mile range using a wireless mesh networking architecture.  Incorporating a precision Honeywell® temperature and humidity sensor, this transmitter will send beacons of high-accuracy ±4%RH ±0.5°C temperature and humidity data at user-defined intervals.  The on-board temperature humidity sensor is rated for -40°C to 85°C or -40°F to 185°F.  Powered by just 2 AA batteries (included) with an operational lifetime of 500,000 wireless transmissions, you can expect up to 10 years of battery life depending on environmental conditions and the transmission interval you choose.  Optionally, this sensor may be externally powered.

What Frequency Do I Need?

If you are located in North America, the 900MHz Option will provide the longest range currently supported with the best penetration through walls, buildings, industrial equipment, and trees.  This option is also the best choice for long-range applications.  The official Line of Sight rating for this option is 2 Miles with included antennas or 28 Miles with high-gain antennas.  We suggest contacting Digi.com for a high-gain antenna recommendation if required.  Please check your local laws before choosing this option.

2.4Ghz for Worldwide Use (Except Europe)

The 2.4GHz option should be chosen if 900MHz and 868MHz are not legal for use in your country. Please note this particular module is NOT LEGAL for use in Europe, as it has a higher transmission power than is legally allowed at 2.4GHz. This option is certified for use in the United States, Japan, Australia, Brazil, and South Korea. Please check your local laws before choosing this option.

If you are located in Europe, the 868MHz Option is the only legal choice available at this time. This option offers better penetration through walls, builds, trees, and industrial equipment that 2.4GHz. The official line of site rating for this option is 14.5km using 2.1dBi antennas. Please check your local laws before choosing this option.

Wireless Range and Protocol

Dcube’s long-range wireless IoT sensors use the DigiMesh® protocol from Digi.com. DigiMesh® was designed by THE industrial leader in secure wireless communications for industrial applications. DigiMesh® automatically hops data from gateway to gateway until it arrives at the desired destination. Dcube’s IoT sensors are capable of a 2-Mile line-of-site communication distance with the included antennas and up to 28-mile range when using high-gain antennas.

Your IoT Sensor Data Belongs to You!

Your data belongs to YOU and it’s up to you to decide where you want your IoT sensor data to arrive.  Don’t be bogged down by the limitations of proprietary cloud solutions, post the data where you need it most.  We offer an open communications protocol so you can integrate Dcube wireless transmitters into your own software.  This allows integration of Dcube IoT sensors into any control system or gateway you could ever imagine.  Send data to a PC, Mac, or Linux computer, or a Raspberry Pi using Dcube modems.  Send data to popular cloud platforms such as Microsoft® Azure® IoT, Losant and MQTT using Dcube Micro Gateways.  We can also help get data from Dcube wireless IoT sensors to embedded platforms such as Arduino.  We also offer sample code for Microsoft® Visual Studio, Node-RED, LabVIEW®, and Python.  Our documentation fully breaks down the packet structure, so integration into other languages is possible.  We may even be able to help, so please feel free to contact us if you are working with a platform not mentioned here.

There is no better IoT Long Range Wireless Thermocouple Sensor on the market today.  Nothing compares with the long range, the price, the accuracy, the battery life, or the security features we have to offer.

Transmission Interval

This device sends data periodically, based on user-preset timing intervals.


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