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IoT Wireless TVOC CO2eq Temperature Humidity Gas Sensor

$ 209.95


  • Industrial Grade Gas and Temperature Humidity Sensor
  • High-Resolution TVOC and CO2eq output
  • TVOC output range 0 to 60,000 ppb
  • CO2eq Output range 400 to 60,000 ppm
  • Low long term drift ( 1.3% of measurement value)
  • Industrial Temperature Range of -25°C [-13°F] to 85°C [185°F])
  • Industrial Grade Sensor with Range 0 to 100% RH
  • Resolution 0.04% RH/0.025°C with Accuracy of 2% RH/ 0.3°C
  • 2 Mile Range with On-Board Antenna
  • Superior LOS range of up to 28 miles with High-Gain Antennas
  • Interface to Raspberry Pi, Microsoft Azure, Arduino and More
  • Example Software for Visual Studio and LabVIEW
  • Wireless Mesh Networking using DigiMesh®
  • Encrypted Wireless Communications up to 2 Mile Range
  • Send IoT Data to PCs, Amazon AWS, Microsft Azure, and MQTT Servers

Introducing Dcube Store’s long-range wireless TVOC and CO2eq Gas Sensor with integrated temperature humidity sensor, boasting up to a 2-Mile range using a wireless mesh networking architecture.  Incorporating the SGPS30 and SHT30 temperature humidity sensor, this wireless sensor transmits highly accurate TVOC, Co2eq, Raw Ethanol, H2, temperature and humidity samples at user-defined intervals.

Output Range Resolution
TVOC 0 ppb – 2008 ppb 1 ppb
2008 ppb – 11110 ppb 6 ppb
11110 ppb – 60000 ppb 32 ppb
CO2eq 400 ppm – 1479 ppm 1 ppm
1479 ppm – 5144 ppm 3 ppm
5144 ppm – 17597 ppm 9 ppm
17597 ppm – 60000 ppm 31 ppm

The on-board temperature sensor is rated for -25°C to 85°C or -13°F to 185°F and the humidity sensor is rated for 0 to 100% RH (non condensing).  Powered by just 2 AA batteries and an operational lifetime of 300,000 wireless transmissions, a 10 years battery life can be expected depending on environmental conditions and the data transmission interval.  An external power supply is supported by special request.

With an open communication protocol, this IoT wireless TVOC and CO2eq Gas Sensor for Air Quality Monitoring can be integrated with just about any control system or gateway.  Data can be transmitted to a PC, a Raspberry Pi, to Microsoft Azure® IoT, Amazon AWS, Losant, and MQTT servers or to local Arduino processors for special handling. Sensor parameters and wireless transmission settings can be changed using an open communication protocol providing maximum configurability depending on the intended application.

The long-range, price, accuracy, battery life and security features of Long Range Wireless TVOC and CO2eq Gas Sensor for Air Quality Monitoring makes it an affordable choice which exceeds the requirements for most of the industrial as well as consumer market applications.

Note: Minimum data transmission interval is 30 seconds


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