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MQTT Gateway – WiFi Micro Gateway for MQTT

$ 196.95


  • MQTT Gateway for Connection to Dcube IoT Sensors
  • Plug-and-Play Setup Requires Only WiFi and MQTT Login Credentials
  • SoftAP Web-Page Configuration of Gateway and MQTT Settings
  • Up to 2-Mile Wireless Range Between IoT Sensors and Gateway
  • Up to 10 Meter Wireless Range Between Gateway and WiFi Router
  • Encrypted Communications Between IoT Sensors and Gateway
  • Encrypted Communications Between Gateway and WiFi Connection
  • Encrypted Communications Between Gateway and MQTT
  • Automatically Discovers IoT Sensors & Report to MQTT with Zero Setup
  • Integrated Web-Page Allows Configuration of Remote IoT Sensors
  • Integrated Web-Page Displays Incoming IoT Sensor Data
  • Supports DHCP or Static IP Managed Wireless Networks
  • Automatically Registers Sensors and Pushes Sensor Data to MQTT
  • Compatible with All Dcube Wireless IoT Sensors
  • Allows Multiple Gateways to Co-Exist for Redundant Data
  • Over the Air Firmware Update Support Coming Soon

IoT Sensors need an MQTT Gateway.  MQTT is the foundation for nearly all IoT cloud applications, so building an MQTT Gateway for connection to the Dcube ecosystem of IoT sensors was an absolute requirement.

The Dcube WiFi Micro Gateway connects Dcube Wireless IoT Sensors directly to an MQTT broker with an average setup time of about 5 minutes.  The Dcube WiFi Micro Gateway listens for sensor data from Dcube Wireless IoT Sensors up to 2 miles away and converts the incoming data into JSON strings with real-world human-readable values.  Use the MQTT Gateway to quickly and easily measure temperature and post directly to your own MQTT broker.  Send humidity data, current measurements for power consumption, light level data, counter data, and much more.  The Dcube Micro Gateway is compatible with the entire Dcube Enterprise product line of wireless IoT sensors.

Our MQTT Gateway user interface supports up to 10 IoT sensors while in configuration mode, displaying the signal strength and sensor data for each sensor during setup.  In Run mode (daily use), the Dcube Micro Gateway will work with as many IoT sensors as memory will allow (estimated to be greater than 20, but we did not set a hard limit).  The Dcube Micro Gateway may also be used for the configuration of basic settings of remote wireless IoT sensors.


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