Onion Omega 2 and Onion Omega 1 I2C Shield with USB Interface — Onion Omega 2 and Onion Omega 1 I2C Shield with USB Interface ESP32 WiFi BLE Module with Integrated USB ESP32 WiFi BLE Module with Integrated USB —

Onion Omega I2C Shield with Ethernet Port

$ 14.95


  • Provides Ethernet Port to Onion Omega 2 & 1
  • Speed upto 100Mbps
  • Onboard USB, I2C, and RJ45 Connector
  • Onboard I2C Level Shifter
  • Ideal to Control Relays, FET Drivers and PWM Through Ethernet
  • Provides a I2C Expansion Port for Interface to DCUBE I2C Devices
  • Onboard Power Management

Onion Omega I2C Shield is a multi-purpose board which works with Onion Omega. This Onion Omega Ethernet adapter provides an Ethernet Expansion for the Onion Omega 2 & 1 as well as an I2C port. It has a Micro USB Interface for power and programming the Onion Omega. An on-board level-shifter is included to convert the Onion Omega I2C Interface to our 5V standard.

Using the Ethernet port you can control and program your onion omega over a network.

The Onion Omega Ethernet Shield (OOET) allows the Onion Omega to connect to hundreds of sensors, relay controllers, current monitoring devices, and a growing array of FET drivers.

This Ethernet Shield For Onion Omega is compatible with the OOKF Key Fob Receiver, allowing a Key Fob transmitter to control the I/O lines of the Onion Omega. This interface adapter is compatible with Onion Omega 1 and 2. Also compatible with the OOXB Communications Overlay Shield.


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