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Wireless 0-10V 4-Channel Input USB endNode

$ 248.95


  • 4-Channel 12-Bit Wireless 0-10V Input endNode with USB
  • Each Analog Input Includes a Dedicated Non-Shared Ground Input
  • For Use with Existing Sensors that Already Include a Power Solution
  • Long Range Wireless Communications with 128-Bit AES Encryption
  • USB Communications Interface with Virtual COM Port Access
  • Dual 9-32V DC Power Interface with Power and RGB Status LEDs
  • Long Range Wireless Communications up to 2 Miles at 900MHz
  • 900MHz, 868MHz and 2.4GHz Wireless Options with Antenna
  • Pluggable Connectors for Wireless 0-10V Input and Power

Wireless 0-10V Inputs

Introducing the world’s most powerful Wireless 0-10V input receiver.  The ASM1-6 makes it easy to read industrial 0-10V sensors with an incredible 2-Mile wireless communication range using 128-Bit AES Encryption.  Read industrial 0-10V pressure sensors, temperature sensors, flow meters, ultrasonic sensors, level sensors, force sensors, weight sensors, distance sensors, strain sensors, and much more with a 12-Bit Resolution.  Use several ASM1-6 endNodes and talk to each endNode using secure wireless communications.  Read wireless 0-10V inputs on the factory floor, as we have tested this wireless technology in factories in excess of 1-mile indoor line-of-sight with heavy industrial machines operating.  This communications technology is rock solid in electrically noisy environments.  Read wireless 0-10V inputs in industrial buildings, as this wireless technology has the best wireless penetration through walls currently available.

With a wireless 0-10V input, many types of variable resistance sensors may be used as well.  Connect magnetic pot meters to read micro-movements in buildings for structural monitoring using wireless 0-10V input as wireless resistance input.  Connect wireless 0-10V inputs to ground moisture sensors for live readings in a wide variety of soil hydration monitoring applications.  Wireless 0-10V inputs may also be used to level sensors and pressure sensors for industrial wireless applications.  Connect small solar panels to the wireless 0-10V inputs for monitoring daylight conditions and control lighting as necessary.  Solar panels offer a significantly greater operational life than traditional CDS photocells in light monitoring applications.

Wireless Targeting and Mesh Communications

Each endNode controller includes a unique serial number.  This serial number is used to target the remote endNode controller with a 4-Channel 0-10V input read request.  Query each endNode up to six times per second using wireless communications.  Use a single computer to target several endNode devices in the area or use multiple computers to talk to multiple wireless endNodes.  endNodes form a wireless mesh to extend communication range beyond the typical 2-Mile line-of-sight range by hopping data between devices to reach the intended target device.  All endNode devices are secured using 128-Bit AES Encryption.  NCD endNode devices may also be used to repeat data from NCD Enterprise wireless sensors, as they act as a mesh network of repeaters to help sensors extend the wireless range.  All endNode devices are available in 900MHz, 868MHz and 2.4GHz versions, but may have a reduced wireless range when using 868MHz and 2.4GHz options.

Definition of 0-10V Inputs

0-10V Inputs are best defined as inputs that accept changes in voltage in the range of 0-10V; however, the range may be wider in some applications.  The 0-10V ADC inputs do not share a common ground, making it possible to read inputs from many sources without grounding conflicts or differentials.  endNode 0-10V Inputs are converted to digital signals using an internal Analog to Digital Converter with 12-Bit Resolution.   In the case of endNode devices, 0-10V Inputs are best suited in applications where existing sensors are already installed that need to be retrofitted to modern IoT communications technology.


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